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Prescription Digital Therapeutics are exciting because they offer new treatment options for many common chronic conditions.

Launchit DTx invests in digital therapeutics that are based on solid science backed by clinical trials.


Introducing Regulora

Welcome to a different way to treat IBS gut pain

Put gut-directed hypnotherapy in the palm of your hand

If you have gut pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), say hello to Regulora®, a new treatment option that focuses on the communication between your mind and your gut.

Regulora isn’t a drug. It’s the first and only FDA-cleared app specifically for abdominal pain caused by IBS in adults. Regulora provides a digital version of gut-directed hypnotherapy to help you find pain relief in the comfort of your home.

Regulora has no serious side effects and can easily be added to your current treatment plan.

Launchit DTx is making Regulora available to Canadians suffering from IBS. Regulora will be available through a medical doctor in December 2022.